Pusa Basmati Rice is different from white rice as it still has the side hull and bran. The side hulls and brans provide natural wholeness to the grain. 

Pusa Basmati Rice

The rice grains are rich in thiamine, proteins, magnesium, calcium, fiber and potassium. The rice is very useful for people who are trying to lose weight or those suffering from diabetes.

People around the world are fond of the mouthwatering taste of Pusa Brown Rice. We offer the premium quality Long Grain Pusa Brown Rice. The Pusa Brown Rice is frequently used in the preparation of biriyani, fried rice and many other delicious dishes.

Besides being among the reputed Suppliers, we are actively engaged in the trade of Wholesale Basmati Rice. the farms keep providing the required ingredients to the crop. The variety of Non Basmati Rice is in general used in homes for as a regular diet.

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