Royal Basmati Rice

Long grain Royal Basmati Rice, sortex clean quality offers good cooking results. It has good degree of aroma in both raw and cooked states. It has good nutritional value. It is available in white and sella forms in various packing sizes as per customer’s requirement.

Royal Basmati Rice

Royal Basmati Rice is by and large used as a piece of the hotel business for making seared rice, briyani and pulao. It is recognized owing to it rich taste, high sustenance regard and alluring smell.

Average Length- 75% of Head Green
Variety – Mix India Golden Sela Basmati Rice
High Quality & Healthy
Reasonable price


Indian 1509 Long grain Basmati Rice is offered in following forms : 1509 Long grain white /raw Basmati Rice, 1509 Long grain white/creamy sella Basmati Rice, 1509 Long grain Golden Sella Basmati Rice, 1509 Long grain steam Rice, This variety of Basmati Rice is extra long grain rice, good after cooking, with distinctive taste

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